Race Report Bar Yacht Club v Seaview Yacht Club Sunday 8 May 2022

Despite last minute Covid casualties the Bar launched a full team of 6 boats against the home team of Seaview. It was particularly encouraging to have 6 new and younger members racing and for most it was their first visit to Seaview We were fortunate that Rory Caslin attended coming all the way from Dublin. Andrew Venables, Jim Hirschman, Josh Hitchens, Will Knatchbull and Jakob Reckhenrich had their Mermaid debuts.

Many of the team arrived on Saturday and the Commodore generously stood us drinks at the Northbank Hotel on Saturday evening when we stood on the lawn overlooking the Solent bathed in early evening sunshine. It was a picture. We followed up with dinner at the Seaview Yacht Club in a very convivial atmosphere.

Sunday started with light airs and the wind was forecast to fall away by 2 pm.  The team Captains agreed that we should keep racing as long as possible before the wind dropped. All 8 races were completed by 1 pm and we stopped for an excellent lunch at the club. The racing was highly competitive. Will was a real asset having raced for Exeter University and his experience of team racing Fireflies was immediately apparent on the helm with vigorous challenges of “No room at the mark, you have NO room” terrifying the Race Captain who was his crew and having an immediate and powerful effect on the unfortunate Seaview boat just astern. Will won that race. Andrew had a first in race 3, Alex a first in race 7 and Guy won race 8. The result was a commendable draw agains the vastly more experienced Seaview team who had the benefit of local knowledge.

In the event the wind picked up and we had a bonus fleet race in the afternoon. All agreed it was a splendid days racing.

Race Captain

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