New Members

The sole criterion for joining the Bar Yacht Club is membership of an Inn of Court.

New members are always welcome to join, especially Bar students, pupils, and junior members of the Bar.
Enthusiasm is more important than experience and there are almost always vacancies for crew even if you aren’t confident in your abilities.

To join the Bar Yacht Club please:

  1. Download the application form
  2. Complete the form electronically and save it as a new document with your name in the title
  3. Email the document to the Hon Secretary.  
  4. On acknowledgment of the membership application, either:
    1. Download the Standing Order form from the link below;
    2. Note the Club name, sort code, and account number and that the current subscription is £20 a year;
    3. Setup your own standing order online with an initial payment of £20 and the subsequent date being 1st January;
    4. Email the Hon Treasurer confirming the above has been done.
    5. ONLY if you cannot set up your own SO: Print, complete, and sign the SO form, scan it, and email it to the Hon Treasurer.

Membership costs £20 pa which should be paid by standing order on the 1st January each year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Hon Treasurer.

Membership Application Form BYC Standing Order (.docx)    

Both of the above links will create downloads on your PC which can then be opened in your word processor software.